Local action

Local action

In line with other areas of the Programme, Defra has reduced the
initial allocation of budgets to Local Action Groups (LAGs). To
help LAGs in the South West manage this, their funds are being
temporarily suspended for new applications. LAG budgets will be
revisited soon following a review of this area of the programme
which is being overseen by Defra.

See more about this in Future delivery
arrangements and budget

Local Action Groups

‘Local Action’ is the community-led element of the Rural
Development Programme for England (RDPE), which implements the
LEADER principles developed under previous EU funded

There are 15 Local Action Groups (LAGs) across the region, as
shown on this regional
. They draw their members from local businesses, community
organisations and the public sector.  Their core objectives

  • Address economic under performance.
  • Improve the provision and access to services as a means of
    tackling disadvantage.
  • Harness the wider economic value from sustainable environmental
  • Develop local governance and delivery capacity in rural

Each Local Action Group has worked up its own detailed
priorities to fit within these objectives, and has expressed these
in a Local Development Strategy.

Local Actions builds on the activities supported through other
parts of the RDPE.

  • It is area based¬†– Local Action operates in defined
    geographical areas
  • Delivery is through local Partnerships, known as Local Action
    Groups (LAGs)
  • LAGs should be driven by local priorities
  • LAGs should involve the public, private and voluntary
  • The programme should encourage innovation and experimentation
    in approaches to development
  • LAGs are encouraged to share experience with other LAGS both in
    the UK and across the EU.

Projects approved so far range from innovation in rural
enterprise, improved access to the environment, development of
co-operatives or social enterprises, business or village resource
hubs, co-ordinated and managed community facilities, learning
opportunities and access to services, and projects to develop and
promote the links between rural tourism and the local economy.

Contacts and area covered

For more information about these Groups please see the following