Skills and training

Skills and training

Over £9m has been dedicated to increasing workforce skills over
the lifetime of the programme.  This theme offers training and
knowledge transfer to all adults dealing with agriculture, food and
forestry businesses; and adults in rural areas employed in
businesses, social enterprises, charities and other formally
constituted groups that have strong links with farming or forestry
or are involved in increasing the adoption of renewable energy in
rural areas.

Training is being made available through colleges and other
training organisations – individuals are not eligible to apply for
training grants directly for themselves.  This is to make sure
that any training funded through RDPE fits in with other training
programmes such as Train to Gain.

Information is available for the RDPE
skills framework

Rural businesses to benefit from £1.35 million framework

The Regional Skills Framework offers an innovative mix of
training and development courses to a range of businesses –
from operational efficiency and technical skills to business
development and strategic change management.. These are available
to the agricultural, food and forestry sectors, along with social
enterprises, charities and rural communities.

The framework has been put together by a consortium led by the
Rural Business School at Duchy College, part of the Cornwall
College Group. In addition to various regional specialisms, the
Rural Business School has delivery responsibility for Cornwall and
the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and south Wiltshire
and the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester focuses on
Gloucestershire, north Wiltshire and the former county of

The framework aims to help boost the productivity of rural areas in
the South West by developing an efficient and inclusive labour
market. It follows extensive consultation with businesses in rural
areas, farmers and other key stakeholders and sees a move away from
the more traditional demand-led vocational training. It will focus
on priorities identified during the consultation which was carried
out by the South West Regional Employment and Skills

The Framework aims to provide rural businesses and communities with
the skills they need not just now but in the future too so that
they can operate in an increasingly challenging and competitive

For more information contact the Rural Business School.