Uplands livestock

Uplands livestock sector support

As part of the changes to the Programme, a
specific emphasis on providing support for the Uplands will be
incorporated into the planning of its future delivery. As soon as
we know more, which is likely to be in coming weeks, we will let
you know.

Livestock farmers in the uplands areas can get help to improve
their profitability,  principally by reducing costs and
increasing the value of animals and products sold.

It was recognised early in the program that the South West
upland areas needed a more intensive approach in order for farmers
in those areas to make the most of the opportunities on offer
through RDPE.  With that in mind RDPE Uplands project officers
are now in place on Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor and Exmoor. The
activities of the project officer are guided by a local industry
steering group in each area. Their role includes:

  • Letting farmers in those areas know about what’s on offer
    through RDPE
  • Helping farmers and groups of farmers move project ideas
    forward, for example collaborative meat projects
  • Looking at the strategic needs for livestock farmers in the
    area and where appropriate putting together RDPE projects to
    address these needs

For further information

Bodmin Moor

The Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative – 01208 892803


The Dartmoor Hill Farm Project – 01626 836013


The Exmoor Hill Farm Project – 01643 841704 – Office Hours

Cows in a cow shed