Programme Management

The general direction and priorities of the Programme in the South West is overseen by a Regional Implementation Group made up of senior representatives from Natural England, the Forestry Commission, the South West RDA, Government Office for the South West, the Environment Agency and other key stakeholders.

Terms of Reference (Adobe Acrobat Reader Document – 34.46kb)

SWRDA, Natural England and the Forestry Commission are responsible for reporting to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on how the Programme is doing in the South West.

Regional Implementation Group


  • Government Office for the South West (Chair)
  • Natural England
  • Forestry Commission
  • South West of England Regional Development Agency
  • Environment Agency
  • Competitiveness PMC
  • Convergence PMC

All enquiries about the role of the Regional Implementation Group should be directed to Lucy Macaulay at Natural England.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes – 21 September 2007 (Adobe Acrobat Reader Document – 71.59kb)

Minutes – 27 November 2007 (Adobe Acrobat Reader Document – 41.89kb)

Minutes – 24 January 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader Document – 48.15kb)