Rural micro-enterprise

Rural micro-enterprise


Project Name: A.C. Hawken – Foot Trimming
County: Cornwall & IOS
Approved: November
RDPE grant: £9,208
To establish a contract cattle foot trimming service in Cornwall
and West Devon.

Project Name: Cornwall Food & Drink
County: Cornwall
Approved: June
RDPE grant: £424,974
To drive the market development of the Cornish Food and Drink

Project Name: Development of sheep management
County: Devon
Approved: May
RDPE grant: £196,930
Research, development and sheep breeding programme

Project Name: Cheddar Water Ltd
County: Somerset
Approved: May
RDPE grant: £433,295
Introduction of new bottling plant to increase capacity

Project Name: Anaerobic Digester Feasibility
County: Devon
Approved: February
RDPE grant: £4,661
Anaerobic Digester feasibility study.


Project Name: Bath District Farmers Food Centre
County: Somerset
Approved: November
RDPE grant: £17,625
To support a feasibility study to determine the size and nature of
te market available to an 11 strong farming group who want to
create a food centre for retail/catering and processing

Project Name: BG Hurford Wind Turbine
County: Cornwall
Approved: September
RDPE grant: £18,948
Purchase and installation of a wind turbine at Borlasevath Manor
Farm, Bodmin.

Project Name: Tredethick Farm Wind Power
County: Cornwall
Approved: September
RDPE grant: £27,344
Installation of 20,000 kwh wind turbine.

Project Name: Kernow Farm Plastics
County: Cornwall
Approved: August
RDPE grant: £15,000
Purchase of baler for recycling farm plastic.

Project Name: Green Sky Systems Ltd
County: Somerset
Approved: February
RDPE grant: £91,292
Research feasibility of generating environmentally friendly
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) from pelletised straw.

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