A crisp idea

A crisp idea for Cornish spuds

A tasty new product to boost the reputation of Cornwall’s
locally-grown produce went on sale for the first time in June

The venture was the brainchild of public relations consultant
Sue Wolstenholme, who decided that the good reputation of Cornish
potatoes should not be restricted to pasties and crops straight
from the fields, but could be used for a high-quality crisp as

But the country was in recession and without the help of a
£120,000 RDPE grant Sue’s project for the Cornish Crisp Company
would never have got off the ground because raising finance was
extremely tough.

Her faith in the project is proving
well-founded with Cornish Crisps now on sale at tourist
attractions, hotels and delicatessens across the county and

Part of the success of the Cornish Crisps is
due to their unique flavour. After undertaking trials of different
varieties with local potato growers, the Cornish Crisp Company has
decided on two varieties – different from those used by other crisp
makers – which will be grown by local farmers.

The business is employing four full-time staff
at its premises in the small Cornish town of Callington and is
recruiting for another part-timer. 

Waste vegetable oil from crisp frying is being
collected for use as bio-diesel, and the company eventually plans
to process the waste oil itself and use it for company and staff
vehicles. In addition, employees are encouraged to cycle, car share
or walk to work.

For more information refer to the press
and The Cornish Crisp Company in the approved projects section.