Spreading fertiliser

Spreading just the right amount of fertliser

Farmer Nick Combes heard about SWARM during an on-farm Catchment
Sensitive Farming visit and decided to take up the offer of a free
visit from a Soils for Profit adviser.

Nick operates 480 hectares of arable farming, pig farming and
lowland sheep grazing in Wiltshire and he found the advisory visit
useful. “The action plan contained recommendations relating to rain
water capture, a roofing manure pad and variable rate fertiliser
applicator,” said Nick.

“I thought a grant towards a variable rate fertiliser spreader
would make good sense because we have had the farm Soyl-mapped so
we knew the rates of fertiliser required for the different
terrains. The GPS system would mean we could deliver exactly the
right amount all over the farm.”

Nick got three quotations for variable rate fertiliser
applicator, selected the cheapest and was successful with his grant
application. He is now awaiting delivery of a variable rate
fertiliser spreader, GPS patchwork box and the control box to link
them with the tractor.

For more information refer to Rowe Farms in the