Sustainable grain management

RDPE boost for sustainable grain management in Dorset

Dairy farmers and cereal producers in Dorset are set to benefit
from the construction of an innovative £850,000 central grain
management facility near Beaminster.

The depot – which will include a static grain dryer,
weighbridge, bunker, milling & blend production
facilities – is being developed by the West Dorset Grain Co
operative (WDCG) with the help of a £425,000 grant from the Rural
Development Programme for England (RDPE).

“Our main objective was to develop a much needed central grain
facility in Dorset which can be used by local cereal producers and
dairy farmers,” said Philip Crawford of WDCG.

“That will enable grain to remain close to where it will be
used; reduce total food miles and provide members with cost
effective services. ” Formally the grain was sold and transported
to mills as far away as Exeter, Collumpton or Blandford and then
manufactured feed was transported back to the farms. We have been
operating this harvest with a mobile drier, but next year when the
static equipment is installed we will be able handle more grain and
we are currently looking for new members,”

“The project will deliver an innovative sustainable co-operative
in a rural area and will involve collaboration between local
businesses in sourcing the raw material and supplying members with
their animal feeds. In providing feed blends for members and other
customers, we want to work with the local dairy farmer group –
Beaminster Farmers – who jointly purchase around 4,000 tonnes
dairy cow feeds.”

WDCG says the loss of the blending plant at Penn Mill at Marston
Magna has reduced availability of blended animal feeds,
highlighting the need for such a facility to be owned by the
farmers who require the service.”