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15 February 2009

Exciting plans to introduce new activities at five inland lakes
in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset have been announced this week by
the South West Lakes Trust.

The projects include wildlife trips on an electrically-powered
boat at Roadford Lake, a cableski, climbing activities and
introductory off-road cycle routes at other lakeside locations.

The ambitious plans have been made possible by a £2.2 million
grant from the Sustainable Rural Tourism fund of the Rural
Development Programme for England (RDPE).

Under the scheme – called Outdoor + Active – activities will
range from low-impact sports like walking or bird watching through
to water-based activities and climbing.

The five lakes involved are:

  • Stithians – new on-land and water activities –
    including a paddle beach- and improved refreshment and
  • Siblyback – new on and off-water activities,
    new showers and changing rooms, introductory off-road cycle
  • Roadford – new on and off-water activities,
    new changing rooms, event-boat parking, electrically-powered
    ferry/wildlife boat trips, introductory off-road cycle route
  • Lopwell – environmental education and visitor
    interaction with wildlife and venue for volunteer tourism, and
  • Wimbleball – new on and off-water activities,
    new changing rooms, boat parking for events, winter training camps,
    introductory off-road cycle routes

Refreshments will be available at each site and, where possible,
equipment, raw materials and products for sale will be sourced
locally to accentuate regional distinctiveness and to promote the
‘green agenda.

Work will take place during the year with the first projects due
to open in late spring and the final one in November.

South West Lakes Trust is leading the Outdoor +Active scheme,
which is linked to the Environment Agency’s Enjoy Water Strategy
for water-based recreation in the South West.

Cairns Boston Chair of Trustees for South West Lakes Trust said
“We are really excited by the opportunity the funding partners have
given us, we are keen to improve the dry land activities at our
sites to benefit all our visitors giving something for the whole
family to do, whether it is walking, climbing, boating or just
relaxing and enjoying the view! It is especially important to us as
2010 is our 10th birthday and I look forward to sharing our success
with everyone at our “Go lakeside” birthday celebrations,
throughout this year”

The Sustainable Rural Tourism fund, managed by the South West
RDA, is supporting a suite of £ multi-million interlinked
investments that are designed to have a lasting impact on tourism
in rural areas through investing in improved access to, and
understanding of, the key features and rural heritage of the South

Rob Hatt, head of rural development at the RDA said: “Outdoor +
Active is part of a larger investment being co-ordinated by the
Environment Agency, and as well as opening up new opportunities for
people to enjoy the natural environment, it will also offer new
opportunities for businesses close to the hubs. We would encourage
farms, tourism and food businesses located near these venues to
make contact with SWLT and register their interest in exploring the
opportunities. ”

Richard Cresswell, regional director of the Environment Agency
said “As part of our south west ‘Enjoy water Strategy’, Outdoor +
Active is the first of four projects that will see an increase in
the use of our inland lakes and rivers for recreational and leisure
activities ranging form nature watching and walking through to
active sports like canoeing and windsurfing, this in turn will help
ease the pressures on other overstretched sensitive areas”

Information about the plans and contact details can be found at


For more information, please contact:

Tommy Haydu, Marketing and Publicity Officer
South West Lakes Trust
01566 771930

Notes to Editors

South West Lakes Trust

South West Lakes Trust is the region’s largest combined
environmental and recreational charity. Its 50 inland water sites,
encompassing 5,000 hectares of land and water spread across Devon,
Cornwall and West Somerset, attract in the region of 2m visits
annually. It is listed as being in the top 3,000 of the country’s
150,000 charities. 2,214 days of assistance by volunteers were
freely given in 2009, in return training was offered in relevant
skills (182 days in 2009). SWLT involved over 79,000 people in
water sports activities in 2009, including 15,400 children. It
manages large tracts of moorland and significant areas of woodland,
with Forest Stewardship Council accreditation.

Sustainable Rural Tourism

Sustainable Rural Tourism is one of the most comprehensive
regional tourism initiatives ever undertaken across South West
England. With a total value of more than £24 million – nearly £13
million funding from the Rural Development Programme for England
(RDPE) and the rest from commercial and community organisations –
it will:

  • Boost the economy of rural areas around the key natural and
    historical features sites and trails,
  • Attract visitors who value the character and heritage of the
  • Develop the potential of leisure resources and heritage sites
    in sympathetic and innovative ways, and
  • Help with the enhancement and sustainable management of the
    natural and historic environment.

Six major initiatives, covering the region, have been invited to
apply for Sustainable Rural Tourism funding; all are interlinked
and each has a different focus. The other five are:

  • 1SW – Developing five off-road cycling hubs across the region
    with the aim of making South West England a world-class region for
    adventurous off-road cycling.
  • Discover the Extraordinary – Developing the quality and appeal
    of the World Heritage mining sites in Cornwall and West Devon.
  • Unlocking our Coastal Heritage – Plans to conserve, enhance,
    manage and interpret 83 nationally important historic and
    archaeological sites along the Coastal Path.
  • Rural Sports Tourism – Developing the full potential of the
    region’s country sports market and its related supporting
  • Camel and Tarka Trail Links – Plans for completing the access
    and connections with the National and European multi-use trails
    around the Bodmin area to relieve honeypot spots on the coast.

Environment Agency is the largest environmental
organisation in England and Wales. We are responsible for reducing
the risk of flooding, and protecting and improving the environment.
We are an independent agency reporting to government, and our
responsibilities are defined by law.