Woodland grant funding

News from the Forestry Commission about Woodland Grant
Funding in the South West

February 2011


English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) Funding in the South

There has been some speculation about the effect of Government
public sector cuts on grants, so we would like to clarify the
position on this:

The Forestry Commission will continue to deliver the current
planned levels of woodland grants under the RDPE which runs to the
end of December 2013. In the South West Region we can expect to
have a total annual budget of approximately £8 million per annum.
Key points for our own EWGS funds at the moment are:

Claim Year 10/11

Now closed to new applications. Please ensure that you get your
claims in at your earliest convenience, and no later than 31st
March. If you are unable to complete the work within this financial
year, and you still intend to carry out the work, please submit an
amendment to us before March 31st and we will reschedule the
payment year into 11/12 subject to available funds.

Claim Year 11/12

All funds are open to applications, but Woodland Improvement is
fully committed and Regeneration Grant is close to being fully
committed. When 11/12 budgets are fully committed we will offer you
a 12/13 claim year. Our team can give you an indication of what
funds are available, and funds are confirmed when a draft contract
is offered. Remember that if you are making Woodland Management
Grant applications with a first claim year of 11/12 these need to
be approved before May 15th 2011.

FC England is planning to launch a Woodfuel WIG to support
roading access and under-managed woods and will publish more
details in early 2011 – £600,000 has been added to the South West
grants budget for this work.

Phytophthora ramorum

Our team are continuing with the task of managing the disease,
primarily in Cornwall and Devon, but stretching into Wiltshire and
Somerset. This continues to impact on the speed with which we can
process grants and licences applications in these areas, and while
we will endeavour to continue normal service some licences and
grant offers may be delayed.