Forestry sector support

Forestry sector support

This theme aims to enhance the economic value of forests and
woodlands. There may be RDPE funding available to support forestry
businesses with in-forest activities and capital investments such

  • access work for easier management of woodlands
  • infrastructure for recreational and tourism activities
  • improving occupational safety
  • specialist equipment for forestry work
  • processing of wood products including timber and woodfuel
  • skills and training provided through organised courses

Who can apply?

You will need to be a forest or woodland owner or manager, which
can include estates, farms and local authorities. Contractors
undertaking maintenance, access, planting and harvesting will also
be able to apply, as will primary processors. Grant rates and
eligibility vary depending on the size and nature of your business,
and the type of activity.

Your funding proposal should cover at least one of the

  • Innovation in products, processes or services
  • Enhancing environmental protection
  • Social sustainability, such as increasing the use of new
    technology by employees

For further information see the
RDPE Woodland Prospectus

For advice about whether your project idea qualifies for RDPE
support, and assistance with your next steps, contact the Silvanus
Trust on:

Telephone: 01752


Advice and guidance is offered by the
Woodland Renaissance Partnership and managed by the Silvanus Trust.
For more information, see the
Silvanus Trust website