CEM 11 Plus Exams & Practice Papers for Grammar Schools

What is the CEM 11 plus paper?

The CEM 11 plus paper is simply an 11+ entrance exam created by an exam board called CEM (Centre of Evaluation & Monitoring) located at Durham University, Ushaw College, Durham, DH7 9RH.

The CEM paper was created to make it difficult to tutor for, because the other version of the test by the GL exam board was thought to be easier to tutor for, and therefore favoured children who’s parents could afford a tutor.

How can you pass the 11+ CEM paper?

There are some key areas involved in passing the 11+ entrance exam (and the CEM specific tests), including:

  • Start revision early – make sure you give your child plenty of time to relax into revision and learning of the subjects.
  • Keep your child motivated – you can use rewards to positively reinforce revision, and take them to open days to inspire them.
  • Cover all topics – this is key, your child should be familiar with each subject used in the 11 plus exam, including Maths, English, reading, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
  • Practice papers – practice 11 plus papers are also key, and we will talk about those in the next section.

Buy Practice CEM Exam Papers

One of the best ways to prepare for the 11+ entrance exam is to use practice papers. Now there aren’t any official papers available for the CEM exam board areas, however there are some experts that have created their own papers based upon feedback and experience. One of these providers is 11 Plus Leap who offers CEM 11+ papers, that are available to buy online and a selection of free papers too.


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