Healthy livestock

South West Healthy Livestock Initiative

The livestock industry in the South West is benefitting from a
£7.5 million ground-breaking support package to help it improve the
productivity and welfare of farmed animals.

The South West Healthy Livestock Initiative (SWHLI) is a group
of nine projects aimed at helping farmers improve their profits
while increasing the health and welfare of their stock. Funded by
the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), it aims to
increase the knowledge and skills of farmers in subjects such as
genetics, nutrition, fertility, the environment and control &
treatment of diseases.

The innovative programme involves farmers working with vets and
other commissioning bodies, such as the Cornwall Development
Company, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and the National Animal
Disease Information Service. Training, which will cover ruminants,
pigs and poultry, will be delivered on farms rather than in the
classroom. In all, more than 14, 000 training days will be
delivered, some to small groups of farmers and others to larger
numbers. Some will be based geographically and others on specific

The funding follows detailed planning over many months, with the
South West RDA working with an independent cross-organisational
group of national, regional and local representatives from farming
and livestock sectors. This means the package of support has been
specifically designed by industry experts to meet the needs of the
sector. The group was chaired by agricultural consultant and
poultry farmer Richard Stanbury.

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