Isles of Scilly local action

Local Action Group Supports Local Business Woman to keep us on
Our Feet!

March 2011

Rebecca Carr and her ‘Head to Toe’ project application to the
Isles of Scilly Local Action Group (LAG) sees the third successful
funding award through the LAGs recently initiated Small Grants
Scheme. Upon successful completion this project will see the
re-instatement and safeguarding of long term locally based foot
care services filling a void created by the retirement of the local
podiatrist in 2010. The LAG award of £4500 will allow Rebecca, a
locally based mobile hairdresser to undertake an 18 month Foot
Health Practitioner Course through the medium of distance learning
and practical hands on training, after which, Rebecca will
integrate her newly learnt skills into her existing business
practice (hence the name Head to Toe!) enabling her to deliver a
much needed service to local residents in the privacy of their own

In the words of the islands GP Dr Jeffries ‘foot care is a vital
component in maintaining the wellbeing and mobility of the elderly
and of others with special needs, and money invested in providing
this service can save many painful, debilitating and expensive

The Isles of Scilly Local Action Group is part of a South West
RDA managed programme that incorporates funding from the EU and
DEFRA, to find out more about the opportunities offered by Local
Action including its Small Grant Scheme please call the Isles of
Scilly Local Action Team on 01720 424353.