Shape Your Own Eyebrows

brown eyebrow threading example

No two brows are exactly the same – even on the same person – but they should be similar enough not to draw negative attention, and shaped well so as to draw positive attention. This process can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can try shaping your own eyebrows at home, for next to nothing, and achieve the same professional results. After all, you will be a specialist in one set of eyebrows!

The keys are the right support products, and a solid technique.

The Right Tint

If you want to darken your brows, use a three-day tint. Do this on a Friday and your brows will still be dramatic by Sunday – even after washing your face and sleeping on them.

Start Contouring

Use a four-in-one pen to create the perfect arch. The lighter shade should be applied on the inner corners, getting darker as it moves to the outside. Define the shape with the deepest shade and then highlight with the light hue under the brow bone.

Apply Mousse

Mousse is for great-looking hair, right? Well eyebrows are made of hair, and a little mousse is a great way to keep them behaving and looking great. It can add volume and shine too, which will help your brows to look healthy and beautiful.

Test Using Mircro-Tip

This creates tiny, hair-like strokes without resorting to the potential costs and trauma of microblading. Use a good pen and it will look professional.

Do the Top Coat

Add a sense of dimension and complexity with a top coat. Many people’s brows are made up of hairs of several colours, and the effect is similar to highlights in other hair. Especially if you are filling in your brows with a pencil, which can sometimes make the brows look flat, the top coat can draw them out again into three-dimensional fullness.

Coaches / Eyebrow Training

One of the best eyebrow training courses in the UK is by the Brow Academy.


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